2017-18 Membership, High Holidays, and More!

posted Aug 17, 2017, 3:25 PM by Ezrath Israel   [ updated Oct 3, 2017, 12:27 PM ]

The Overview:

Visit the Membership and High Holidays section of our our Online Store to:

  • Renew or begin your Actors' Temple Membership.
  • Buy your High Holiday Tickets for Rosh Ha-Shanah (Sept 20-22, 2017) and Yom Kippur (Sept 29-30, 2017).
  • Buy buy a page or a listing in our Yizkor Book, now in it's second year of production!

Yizkor Book Information

To provide the names and text for Yizkor items, we recommend doing both of the following steps to make sure we receive the information correctly and on time.

  • Send a copy to Rabbi Jill directly: hausjill@aol.com.
  • Provide the information in the fill-in boxes when purchasing each Yizkor item.

Please Join or Renew and Save!

Please note: You qualify for a significant discount on High Holiday, Passover Seder, and many event tickets only if you are a member, and our membership year now begins on September 1st, so please join the Actors' Temple, or renew your existing membership, and save even more.

Whether you are renewing an existing membership or joining for the first time, buying your High Holiday tickets, or purchasing space in our new Yizkor Book, you can do all these things at our online store, even putting them all into a single order, which can accommodate as many items as needed. This will save you time, effort, and possibly even a postage stamp.

If you are a new member, or an existing member who needs to change some information (address, phone, e-mail, family information, etc.) please make all your purchases online, then print and fill out the membership form, and return it to us, so that we can keep all of your extended information on file.

If you prefer to order and/or pay another way, please download, print, fill out, and return the appropriate order forms below.


Membership and Yizkor

High Holidays