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August 19, 2013

posted Aug 22, 2013, 3:23 PM by aimee-dan beyda-miller   [ updated Aug 31, 2013, 10:03 AM by Ezrath Israel ]


Announcements – Week of August 19, 2013

  1. SHABBAT: Friday, 8/23, 7 PM, Shabbat Service Honoring Our Volunteers, Discussion, & Oneg Shabbat
  2. SHABBAT Morning, Saturday, 8/24, 10:30 AM: Service, Discussion, Baby Naming & Sponsored Oneg
  3. LOOKING AHEAD: Holy Days, and more.
  4. EDUCATION: New Hebrew School Teacher for September; Adult classes resume in October
  8. NOTEWORTHY EVENTS: Randie Levine-Miller’s Sept. event;  Stone & Stone’s shows; Estelle Levy, Florence Cohen Celeste and Wiseblood in art shows;  Steve Louise Poster sings weekly; AT Shows: Black Angels Over Tuskegee, Cuff Me, 50 Shades of Grey, It’s Just Sex, & Honestly Abe; June Stern. Dr. Dalita Rubenstein, Celeste Wiseblood, Valerie Brown, seek clients.


  • IMPORTANT: Anyone who opted out of our regular mailings, please email Rabbi Jill directly at hausjill@aol.com to receive the Holy Days mailing. We have had a problem and need your email addresses.
  • ALSO: The problem with purchasing Holy Days tickets online has been fixed. We apologize for any stress.
  • SHABBAT, Friday, August 23rd, 7 PM: Service to Honor All our Volunteers: All who regularly volunteer will be honored. Discussion, and Oneg sponsored by the Synagogue. Lilly Galperin will play piano before the service. We commemorate the Yahrzeits of: Jeanette Claire Youner (17) Samuel Tobin (20), Rebecca Klinger’s Mother (21).
  • SHABBAT AM, Saturday, August 24th, 10:30 AM, Service, Baby Naming for Francesca Lesh, daughter of Sharyn Rothstein and Jeffrey Lesh, Oneg sponsored by Alan and Marilyn Rothstein, Francesca’s proud grandparents. Parashat Ki Tetze. All are invited.


  • Shabbat Selichot: Friday, August 30, 7 PM. Harry Ellison speaks on the Immediacy and Wonder of Selichot and the Poetry of Forgiveness, We begin the process of asking for forgiveness and looking within.
  • Come Celebrate the Holy Days with us! Holy Days information is posted on our website and was sent out by mail. Rosh Hashanah begins Wednesday, 9/ 4, 7 PM. First and Second Days: Thursday 9/5 and Friday 9/6, 10 AM. The Creative Service is the second day of Rosh Hashanah. Free Service for the Community, Thursday 9/5 at 7:30 PM. Tashlich on Friday, 9/6 after the Creative Service; Kol Nidre is Friday, 9/13 at 6:30 PM. Yom Kippur is Saturday, 9/14, 10 AM. Yizkor at 1 PM; Mincha and N’ila at 5:15. Break the Fast at 7:45. Children’s Services provided for both holidays. Cantorial Intern Aron Bederson returns to assist Rabbi Jill, with James Besser at the piano. A spiritual beginning for your New Year! No one is ever turned away.
  • Broadway Blessing, Monday, September 9th, 7 PM, Little Church Around the Corner, 1 East 29th Street, with: Melissa Errico, Christiane Noll, Rich Swingle, and Rabbi Jill.
  • Peace Day Party Live, Times Square, Saturday, September 21: Noon-12:30 PM; produced by Paul Sladkus. Early service, 10 AM so we can participate in the worldwide moment of silence for peace & sing-a-long.
  • Broadway Cares Fights Aids Flea Market, Sunday, September 22. Please contact Rabbi Jill to volunteer.
  • Children’s Services for the Fall: 6:30-7 PM on 10/18 & 12/13; 10-10:30 AM on 11/16. All are invited!


  • Actors’ Temple Hebrew School Open School Night for current and prospective parents and kids, Monday, September 16th, 6:30 PM. Come meet our new teacher! Find out about Children’s Shabbat Services too.
  • Our new Hebrew School teacher is Phyllis Marmer, whose son went to PPAS, in the neighborhood and who has extensive experience teaching kids about Judaism. Classes begin on September 16th.
  • Hebrew School for K-5 Mondays at 4 PM; Bar/Bat Mitzvah registration ongoing. Hebrew School website, by Noah Hichenberg. If there is sufficient demand, we will have a second class for the younger grades.
  • WEEKLY TORAH STUDY for Adults: Resumes in October. Join us Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30 PM, studying in English with Rabbi Jill at 96th Street. Reading the Book of Exodus.


  • Thank you to: Howard & Judith Adler, Andrew Alkon, Maureen & Samuel Bernstein, Barbara Bova, Suzanne Brandau, Gail Brooks, Florence Cohen, Mark & Carol Cohen, Stephen Davis, Robert & Myrna Elkin, Roy Friedenthal, Ruben Gruenewald, Jan Handler, Paula Harris, Ted Hawkins & Nicole Miklos, Peter & Shauna Heeger, Drora Hirsch-Nitka, Bruce & Amy Kapner, Florence Kavaler, Greg & Karen Kayne, Stephen Kornstein, Terri Kravitz, Steven & Ronna Lasher, Stephen Jones & Heidi Latsky, Margot Lehman, Jenny Libien, Mike & Lois Libien, Florence Liebman, Abbie Lovinger, Howard & Lois Lowsky, Phyllis Malamud, Charles Mayer, Richard & Carol Margolis, Carol Ostrow, Irwin & Lenore Reicher, Robert Reicher, Arthur Reiter, Carmen Richkin, Janice & Larry Rogak, Samuel Rosenfeld, Joseph Rosenthal, Alan & Marilyn Rothstein, Miriam Rozen, Sarah Rozen, Mary Carol Rudin, Faye Schiff, Barry & Susan Scholnik, Myron & Doris Shrenkel, Rabbi Matthew & Sarah Simon, Carla Singer, Barry & Debbie Sporer, Betty Stiner, Roslyn Wolf, Daniel Yasharel, Arthur Ziffer for your kind donations. We so appreciate them.
  • Special thanks to David Bier, Barbara Bova, Michael Verdel, and others for setting up and cleaning up our Shabbat services. We really appreciate your help. Thank you to Daniel Miller for the website.
  • Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat or a Musical Service in honor of any Life Cycle event such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Births, Graduations, Aufruf, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, or any Simcha or event.
  • A leaf on our Tree of Life Plaque, is only $180. Chair Plaques can be personalized and donated.
  • Please also consider remembering The Actors’ Temple in your will. We are available for Memorial Services and we have Cemetery Plots in New Jersey. Please call or email.


R'fuah Sh'lema to: Milton Platt, Adela Svei, Judith Tedeschi, Dalita Rubenstein, Phyllis Malamud, Matt Clark, Ronnie Eulau, Lois Libien, David Belsky, Maya Demri, Joseph Kashangaki, Alan Bergman,  Zell Schwartzman, Mark Kigler, Liz Strickoff, Sally Gerity, Carole Elfman, Steven Gellman, Fred Winters, Marjorie Conn, and Ruth Krausman. We pray they will be well again soon.


  • We remember: (Heb. Date of Passing–Elul & Tishri): Jeanette Claire Youner (17) Samuel Tobin (20), Rebecca Klinger’s Mother (21), 8/23; Belle Butenkant (24), Gregory Jackson (25), Sara Buchman (26), Goldie Cohen (28), Harry Waldman (28), Rabbi Joseph Gelberman (1 Tishri) 8/30; Rose Orenstein (14), Thelma Feld, (15) William Seif (15), 9/13; Lillian Berger (16), Annie Spegal (17), Dr. Merrill Goodman (19), 9/20; Leo Simon (23), Larry Levine (25), Ruth Tobin (29), Harry Waldman (29), 9/27.
  • We recall for Kaddish: Samuel Tobin, Howard Strowman, Shirah Kober Zeller. Dorothy Platt, George Greenstein, Louis Strowman, Michael Rubenstein, Menashe Benyaminov, Louis Salko, Roselyn Kessler, Bernard Thaler, Joshua Caruso, Lila Ruth Diamond, Mark Landers, Lorraine May Rubenstein, John Nicholson, Alfonso Ragland, Helen Turner, Ted Tedeschi, Marilyn Rosenthal, Jan Berger, Fred Winters.


  • Randie Levine-Miller’s Broadway Showstopper Divo’s – A Swell Party, Monday, 9/16, 7 PM, Metropolitan Room, http://metropolitanroom.com/show.cfm?id=92947.
  • Stone & Stone Shows:, LI; 8/21, 9:30 PM, Metropolitan Room, 34 W. 22 St, & 10:30 PM, The Stand, 239 3rd Ave, 8/24, 9 PM, Rockwells, Pelham; 8/26, 8 PM, The PIT, NYC, 8/27, 10:30 PM, 54 Below, NYC; 8/28, 9 PM, Lucky Jacks, NYC.
  • Estelle Levy & Florence Cohen show work: Women in the Arts Exhibition, Riverside Library, 127 Amsterdam Ave. at 65th Street, 8/2-27, Mon/Wed:  11-6; Tues/Thurs: 10-6, Fri/Sat: 10-5; Also Home & Habitat Exhibit, begins 8/1-8/27. Many other artists including Marcia Ostwind and Caroline Sun.
  • Celeste Wiseblood has 3 pieces in an art show, Creative Center, 2nd Fl, 6/21- 9/1, reception 6 - 8 PM, 6/21, 273 Bowery (btw Stanton & E.Houston).
  • Louise Poster sings at Lybane Restaurant Tues. & Fridays, 9-12, 709 8th Ave.(44-45)212-582-2012; Mondays with the Rick Bogart Trio, The Hudson Eatery, 601 W. 57th St.(11th-12th Aves.) 6:30-9:30 PM, One drink min.
  • AT Theatre’s shows: It’s Just Sex (about marriage), Cuff Me, 50 Shades of Grey, a parody of an infamous book, also Black Angels Over Tuskegee, & (for kids) Honestly Abe. Telecharge.com or 212/239-6200.
  • Valerie Brown is available for cleaning projects (closets, stoves, refrigerators). Call Rabbi Jill for Valerie’s contact information. Dr. Dalita Rubenstein seeking psychotherapy clients (sliding scale), 212-627-8624; June Stern seeking tutoring students, Pre-K to 5th.Celeste Wiseblood seeking hypno/psychotherapy clients 917-833-8885.

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