Online Store

Visit the dedicated Online Store here or use the embedded one just below if it's available on your device or computer.

NB: You will need to login to each separately but use the same userid/password so that everything is under a single account. You will automatically stayed logged into each of them.

Tickets and Memberships

Buy an Individual or Family Membership.

Buy Holy Days tickets at the Member, Non-Member, or Student price.

If you are buying High Holiday tickets online, please visit the Events page and download, fill out, and return a Holy Days Order Form.

If you are buying a new Membership, or your information has changed, please visit the Join Us page to download the Membership application form. If you are just renewing, this is not necessary.

If you need either tickers or memberships in more than one variation, please choose the same item again, but pick a different variation (as if when buying clothing you purchase two of the same item in different colors).

Hebrew School

Begin by visiting the Hebrew School page, where you can download the registration form. Fill out and return that form, and go through the enrollment process. Our Hebrew School reviews each family's application before accepting any payments.

When you have a confirmed enrollment for your child/children, and you wish to pay for tuition online, please ask us, and we will e-mail you a link to that section of our store, and the amount you owe. Simply put that amount into the quantity field. This works just like the $1 donation option mentioned below.


We appreciate each and every donation.

If you wish to donate a specific amount, use the $1 donation, and put into the quantity field the number of dollars you wish to give.

The number 18 is the numerical value of the Hebrew letters in the word "Chai" which means "Life." It's Jewish tradition to donate in multiples of $18, $36 (double "Chai") or $324 (18 X 18, "Chai" times "Chai.").

If you wish to make a donation that is a multiple of $18, choose the $18 donation, and put any number into the quantity field. Your actual donation will be this quantity times $18. Use the $324 donation in the same manner if you wish to make a donation that is a multiple of $324.

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