Cash Donations

Thank you for supporting the historic Actors’ Temple—which today is a warm and forward-thinking religious institution, providing sanctuary for many Jews of diverse backgrounds.

But, it’s even more than that—in addition to Shabbat and Holiday services, Jewish adult education and more, the halls are open to the community. We host community meetings, rehearsals, and Off Broadway shows.

We appreciate your helping us to maintain our historic Landmark building from 1923 and allowing us to serve the community.

You can make donations with a credit/debit card at the above link, pay with a credit/debit card offline, or with a check.

We appreciate each and every donation.

To donate any amount

If you wish to donate an arbitrary amount, use the $1 donation, and put into the quantity field the number of dollars you wish to give.

To donate based on "Chai" (18)

The number 18 is the numerical value of the Hebrew letters in the word "Chai" which means "Life." It's Jewish tradition to donate in multiples of $18. Some examples: $36, $54, $72, $90, $180, $360, etc.

We have also provided several items based on "Chai times Chai" or "Chai squared" for those of you who love mathematics and statistics:

$324 (18 X 18, "Chai" times "Chai")

$972 three times $324

$2268 seven times $324

Payment Instructions

You may pay for anything with a credit/debit card at our online store, pay with a credit/debit card offline (call, fax, mail, or in person), or with a check (mail, in person.)

Do not e-mail credit/debit card info. See below for instructions.

Please visit the Payment Instructions page for information concerning how to return completed documents, order forms, and checks to the Actors' Temple, and how to pay with a credit/debit card offline.

Artwork saying "Am Yisrael Chai" made from broken pieces of glass, by children from the SAR Academy, Bronx, NY, circa late 1980s.

Other Methods of Donating

Legacy Gifts

Please also consider remembering The Actors’ Temple in your will and/or by other estate planning instruments available to you.

Commemorative Gifts

Tree of Life Plaque

A leaf on our Tree of Life Plaque is only $220, to commemorate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Births, Graduations, or any Simcha or person.

Please order online, e-mail or call.

Memorial Plaques

Memorial Plaques in our Sanctuary are available to commemorate the life of a loved one. There are three sizes: Regular (for one name), Large (for two names) or Extra Large. Please e-mail or call the office to discuss ordering a plaque.

Memorial Gifts

We are available for Memorial Services and we have Cemetery Plots available in New Jersey. Please e-mail or call.


We are happy to send you a copy of the book, "Rabbi on 47th Street," by Ann Birstein, daughter of Rabbi Bernard Birstein. This book tells how his friendships with actors made our synagogue The Actors’ Temple.

Wearing our T-shirt shows your commitment to the Actors' Temple, while also being comfortable, and since it only comes in black, you don't have to choose a color. We mostly have size Large, but if you need something else we can check our stock.

Actors’ Temple T-Shirts: $20 (plus shipping)

Book: $15 (plus shipping)

You can buy these items with a credit/debit card at our online store, pay with a credit/debit card offline, or with a check.

Wish List

These are just some of the many changes we would love to be able to make in order to maintain our historic synagogue:

and so much more!