Vox Hebraica Conert Series

Post date: Jan 03, 2014 10:45:56 PM

Announcing Vox Hebraica

A New Concert Series at the Actors' Temple, curated by violinist Marina Kifferstein.

Our mission is to present a multifaceted view of Jewish culture, wherever "home" is and in the greater diaspora, through innovative musical programming. The diverse concerts we present are united in that they work to broaden and expand the cultural conceptions of what it means for something to be Jewish, both within and outside of the Jewish community. Vox Hebraica concerts are meant to encourage a wide array of people from different backgrounds to consider all kinds of music in terms of its significance to Jewish culture, and to expand our audience's conception of what falls within the bounds of Jewish culture by presenting varied concert experiences that approach the subject in different ways.


Please purchase tickets at our Online Store using your credit/debit card, or choose to pay in cash or with a check, either at the door or in advance.


Please consider making an additional donation using the DONATION-VOXHEB item in our store, found under both Events and Donations. All funds donated via this item will be earmarked specifically for this project.