Founder's Weekend (May 19th-21st, 2017)

Post date: Apr 26, 2017 3:26:8 PM

Our 100th Anniversary Celebration continues!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday May 19th at 7 PM: Special Service with Rev. Gregory Johnson speaking on Interfaith and World Issues: Love, A Common Language; Neva Small singing, accompanied by James Besser; and a special Oneg Shabbat.

Saturday May 20 at 10:30 AM: Klezmer Shabbat Service, featuring honoree NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, with many musician friends, new and old, including James Besser, piano, Fred Fastow, guitar, Pam Fleming, trumpet & shofar, Steve Greenstein, violin, Suki Rae, flute, Eve Sicular, percussion, Michael Winograd, clarinet, and singers Aron Bederson, Judy Buchman, and Rabbi Jill;  a Luncheon, with readings from our Memory Book; and a showing of The Actors’ Temple Video and other video and audio clips

Please reserve in advance at our online store (in the Events section.) Luncheon is $25/person.

Sunday May 21st, noon – 3 PM: Sunday Brunch on our actual founding day. An open house, Location TBA. With the A Cappella group Bir’nana, conducted by Judy Buchman,

Please reserve in advance at our online store (in the Events section.) Brunch is $5/person.

Please write a sentence, paragraph, or page for our Memory Book about why The Actors’ Temple is special or why you come, or relating some anecdote about us, or why we should be preserved. Please submit by email to Rabbi Jill on or around May 1.

Sponsorships for Founders’ Weekend: $200 Sponsors a Musician (4 or more sponsorships needed); $150 Sponsors Food (4 or more sponsorships needed); $100 Sponsors Projector Rental or Printing Costs (2 or more needed); $50 Sponsors Paper Goods and Utensils (2 or more needed)

Please donate your sponsorships at our online store (in the Events section) and help us to make this a weekend to remember!